Explore our FAQ page for instant answers on leveraging AI in advertising. Discover how our AI Advertising Agency can transform your campaigns for maximum impact and efficiency.

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Why use Starters Capital AI Ad Platform

Starters Capital Marketing AI doesn’t merely simplify marketing; it enhances its effectiveness. Given the dynamic nature of digital marketing, we continuously update Starters Capital Marketing AI to incorporate the latest best practices, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve without dedicating extensive hours to learning new tactics.

Starters Capital Marketing AI streamlines the process of planning your marketing campaigns, deriving insights from your analytics, and leveraging these insights to execute targeted advertising campaigns. Complex tasks such as bidding, remarketing, match types, A/B testing, and more are effortlessly managed on your behalf.


Streamline Your Ad Creation

Leverage AI for fast, creative ad development and deployment.


Deep Dive Into Optimization

Utilize AI to adjust and enhance ad performance on the fly


Data-Driven Targeting Precision

Harness AI for pinpoint audience targeting and increased ROI.


Indeed, we offer a 7-day free trial allowing full access to our application, showcasing the capabilities of Starters Capital Marketing AI. Charges apply post-trial only if you decide to continue.

No, your ads will run through your own ad account. If you don't have one, our Help Center provides guidance on creating your ad account.

Your desired ad account can be linked via the Advertising page on Starters Capital Marketing AI Ad platform. Ensure the email used in Starters Capital Marketing AI is listed as a user on your advertising accounts across platforms. This email is visible in the Account Access section of your ad providers.

Ensure your Instagram is linked to a Facebook page, a prerequisite for Instagram ads. Instructions to link your Instagram to a Facebook page can be found here.

Verify that your Facebook page is linked to your advertising account. Guidance on linking can be found here.

Absolutely, this is crucial for our AI Ad Tool to optimize your performance over time. For assistance, please check here.

Each subscription grants access to a single advertising account for each supported platform. This enables subscribers to integrate one account from various platforms such as Facebook, Google, and TikTok among others. Additionally, subscribers benefit from comprehensive access to all advertising platforms currently supported by our service, with the promise of future expansions to include more platforms, enhancing the scope of their advertising efforts.

For inquiries, please submit a ticket here.

Our AI, is constantly learning and adjusting, however from the initial stages of launching your ads we recommend not making any edits within the first 7 - 12 days of launching your ads as this can interfere with the AI learning stage which can affect your ads. To see more on this please check here

We regret to inform you that our AI platform is currently not available on mobile devices. We understand this may cause inconvenience and are actively working to enhance your accessibility in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please reach out to our accounts teams at accounts@starterscapital.org and one of our account managers will be able to assist you