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Get your business and news featured on 100+ news outlets with our Press Release writing & distribution service!

How does our Premium Press Release service work?

Companies use press releases online to do two things, firstly it is a great way to launch a promotion or spread some news, secondly companies employ them to create quality backlinks. Pure premium press release service will take your event or piece of business news and produce a high-quality article in the form of a press release.

The next step we take is to seed your article through a number of high-end news distribution channels. Hundreds of the internet’s top news outlets will run press release and publish it online. This will result in a plethora of quality backlinks from high domain authority websites including many quality news sites, all driving traffic to your website. Every one of these links will add diversity, trust and quality to your search engine link profile. Our clients enjoy our premium press releases and are always hugely impressed by the amount of traction they get.

What is a press release distribution link?

When our service gets the top news syndication’s to publish your press release on their sites, you will receive a list of high domain authority websites you are linked to. In the eyes of the Google algorithms, your website has gained recognition from someone on high and must contain trustworthy and authoritative content.

This service is also a great way to prevent all your anchor texts matching. Our premium press release service is the most effective way to produce diverse high quality backlinks.

Perfect avenue for social proofing

The major advantage of our service is that your links will land on numerous reputable news sources such as NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and many more. Once a prospective client sees these logos on your website in your featured section, it virtually assures your credibility. If you are producing press releases for clients, they will think you are a rock star and all you have to do is produce the quality to back the reputation up.

Increase Brand Authority By Having Your Press Release Featured On Major News Networks

How does the premium press release service work


Input your information

Provide us with the information you want to in the press release, and we will assign you a writer. They will ask for the subject, keywords, URLs and ask for any other special instructions. Our team of writers are experts in producing premium press releases.


Proofreading and distribution

Once our professional team produces your press release, you will get a chance to proofread it and discuss and change. Once you are 100% happy we will distribute it to hundreds of High Domain Authority news sites.


White label reporting

After your press release has been featured on hundreds of high domain authority websites, we will produce a distribution report within 10 days. You could continue to see more and more links produced in the months following our premium press release.

Distribution Only

Already have a Press Release written? We can distribute it for you!
US 299 Per Distribution
  • Press Release Editing
  • Professional Editing
  • Up to 3 Links / 3 Keywords
  • Approval Before Distribution
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Distributed to 100+ Authority News Outlets
  • Diversified White-Hat Links
  • DA 10-90+

Writing & Distribution

Need a Press Release written and distributed? We’ll do both for you!
US 399 Per Distribution
  • Press Release Writing
  • Professionally Written Press Release (500 Words)
  • Up to 3 Links / 3 Keywords
  • Approval Before Distribution
  • High Quality Distribution
  • Distributed to 100+ Authority News Outlets
  • Diversified White-Hat Links
  • DA 10-90+

Headline – 80 characters maximum
Subheadline – 200 characters maximum
Body – 700 word maximum

News wires will reject press releases if they contain certain topics. Here are topics that are banned:

  • Alcohol
  • All diet systems
  • Escorts, or anything sexual in nature, including supplements and dating sites
  • E-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplements
  • Gambling
  • Illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions.
  • Impotence / ED, STDs
  • Legal issues/litigation
  • Marijuana related topics including dispensaries, glassware, CBD, etc.
  • Medical procedure topics
  • MLM
  • Mortgage, pay day, cash, short
  • term or long-term loans
  • Radical or political opinions / views
  • Radical religious opinions / views
  • Sports involving weapons (ex. hunting)
  • Weapons

NOTICE: Given the current global pandemic, we cannot syndicate any blogs regarding COVID-19 by request of our publishing partners.

If you are using keywords as anchors, or a phrase containing any keywords we recommend nofollow. If you use naked anchors (, you can leave it do-follow.

I’m sorry, we do not accept foreign keywords for Our Press Release and the target site must be in English

Yes, you must approve it before it goes to distribution. You will be able to see it / edit it / request changes.

The boost option will allow you to give more power to the press release URLs. We will create 2nd tier links pointing to your press release URLs, giving them more power.

Normal turnaround is 2-3 weeks from when you place it. This turnaround time depends on your approval, so make sure to check all notifications in your account.

Yes, you can after your Press Release has run. Click here to download images you can use on your site.

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