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Reach New Audiences And Build High DA BackLinks With Guaranteed Publisher Placement on Major Media Websites Across The US

Get Your Content In Front Of The People That Matter

You are regularly at the whim of news website editors who receive thousands of emails every day. They face a near impossible task discerning which content creator to work with and those to ignore. If you do manage to get your content read, you still have absolutely no guarantee that they will publish it.

Luckily there is a solution. There is now an effective way to get your content published in markets all across the US, it is called Content Syndication.

What exactly is content syndication?

Using a service like content syndication offers content creators and businesses access to thousands of potential new readers. Once you submit your content to our syndication team, we can guarantee your content will be published on hundreds of high domain authority websites. Whether you are looking to republish an existing piece of content or distribute a new one, content syndication can help with both.

Distributing new content

Many businesses and blogs choose to use content syndication to gain access to thousands of new readers. Publishing new content allows you to take advantage of a publisher’s high site authority to rank your article on different search engines. To ensure you get referral traffic and a higher ranking in the future you need to have a back link to your site and define Call To Action.

Distributing or republishing older content.

Many writers have a back catalog of great work that never got the readership it deserved. Instead of publishing new content they are interested in getting this older content in front of a wider audience. You do not need to worry about it being flagged as duplicate content, we will tag the article appropriately and point to the original blog as the original source.

If it works for the fortune 500, it can work for you.

Now With Bragging Rights

Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies have been using the benefits of content syndication and distribution for years. Up to now the methods they used have been beyond the means for smaller companies to navigate these issues that are now easily duplicated. You can now take advantage of these strategies at a mere fraction of the cost.

Once you have, proof your content has been circulated by some major publishers, you can use this to attract new customers, don’t be afraid to broadcast this on your blog.

Content Syndication

Getting your content syndicated is a simple three step process


Submit your content.

Purchase the option and submit your content. Existing or original content is acceptable


Syndication and Distribution.

Our team will syndicate and distribute your content to over 100 major online publishers around the world. If your content is not published, you are guaranteed your money back.


Receive a white-label report.

We will provide you with a report containing all the URLs showing your article have been published, making finding your content very easy.


Guaranteed Distribution & Placement 100+ News Sites NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & More
US 299 Per Distribution

We sure do, click here to see our samples.

No, the content has to be an informational blog post.


There is no required word count for Our Syndication.


Great question! Content republishing is actually very common in the publishing industry but is often a misunderstood concept within SEO.

There are many great reasons to republish or syndicate content, as long as you handle the SEO part of it correctly as recommended by Google.

  • Wait until your original content is indexed before using Content Syndication to ensure Google sees your version as the original
  • Use the canonical tag to show search engines your version is the original.
  • Consider linking to the original content within the article.
  • Consider changing a percentage of the content and/or the headline.

With that said, Our Content Syndication by default takes all the necessary precautions laid out by Google so you don’t need to do anything!

We can do all niches except for:

1. Gambling & casino
2. Politics
3. Explosives
4. Guns
5. Weapons
6. Alcohol
7. Illicit Drugs
8. Tobacco
9. Cosmetic procedures & body modification
10. Dating
11. Adult & Sex
12. Sexual Reproductive Health
13. Politics and International news

NOTICE: Given the current global pandemic, we cannot syndicate any blogs regarding COVID-19 by request of our publishing partners.

Many of the links will be do-follow, however, we do not have control over these sites and some links will be no-follow.

We encourage all of our publishers to use the original link as the rel=canonical tag, however, we cannot guarantee that all publishers will.

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