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Need help, ranking a Youtube video, Facebook page, Local directory or other secondary property?

Why is Backlinking Important?

A backlink is a link that directs traffic towards your website, they are also known as inbound links. Our clients choose to boost their backlinks using our service because they know that the number of  authority backlinks your site, has, indicates how important and popular their site is in the eyes of Google.

The quality of the content is central to successfully boosting backlinks. When the websites that have inbound links to your site are high domain authority websites, these links are considered to be far more relevant and will rank your site higher. We can help to boost the relevance of your backlinks. We boost 2nd tier backlinks by getting your links on high domain authority websites, which in turn increases your  authority and your rank in search engines.

Industry experts estimate that inbound links account for nearly 80 percent of what search engine algorithms use to assess the relevance of websites. 

Why you should choose to boost backlinks

Rise to the top

Generate high traffic

More quality backlinks will help to divert traffic to your website by increasing your online profile. This is achieved by providing high quality and relevant articles that are linked to your website.

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Keep your site Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Most website administrators are aware of the importance of quality content to their websites success. It is significant to remember that you should constantly provide quality content on your site and on the sites linking to your site. If you achieve this, it increases your chance of ranking higher on a consistent basis.


Build your brand.

Boosting backlinks perform a key role in SEO, as a consequence they help build your brands authority. People associate a brands ranking on Google’s searches, with the quality of your brand. The quality of the websites providing backlinks to your site also impacts on your brand’s credibility. This Is why we exclusively work with high domain authority websites when boosting backlinks.

Increase brand visibility and Build Authority

The advantage of a referral

Having your website backlinks from a quality website is getting a referral from a credible source. Many people click on backlinks because they trust the source providing them with the information to start with.


Extra traffic is always beneficial.

Google and the other major search engines keep a close eye on the number of visitors to the websites. When you choose to boost backlinks not only are you getting more traffic to your site, you are directly impacting how google ranks your website.


Develop a network.

When you are reading helpful and quality content online, there is a higher chance that you will take note of the source of the backlink. The simple act of clicking on the backlink can help you construct a network of customers.


The importance of high domain authority websites.

As Google is constantly switching up their algorithm to try and prevent companies gaining an unfair advantage of another. This makes the quality of your backlinks all the more important. Even if Google's changes impact other aspects of your SEO strategy. High ranking websites are among the first to respond and adapt to the recent changes. Remember your backlinks will be coming from these.

Small Boost

50 Posts on High DA Sites
US 149 one time
  • 1 Article
  • 50 Posts on High DA Sites
  • Up to 50 URls
  • Up to 20 Anchor Text Variations
  • Slow Drip Available
  • Reporting

Large Boost

250 High DA Posts
US 449 one time
  • 1 Article
  • 250 High DA Posts
  • Up to 250 URLs
  • Up to 20 Anchor Text Variations
  • Slow Drip Available
  • Reporting

These links are great for boosting second tier properties (your current backlinks). We do not recommend pointing these to your money site.

For our  Boost package, the keywords are used randomly with the URLs. We suggest using generic keywords, so they work well with each URL on your order form.

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